.Please read carefully and follow all instructions. Failing to do so may result in your hire being terminated immediately, extra charges, loss of bond, and/or loss of ability to book our venues in the future. 

Please also ensure that you have read, are aware of, and follow the Albany Community Hub Terms and Conditions of Hire. You must read these prior to commencing your hire.  

By making a booking, using the venue, and/or payment to Harbour Sport Trust (HS) for venue hire or use, you will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and additional Covid-19 protocols and procedures. 

Please retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Hire for your reference and if you are not on site during the hire period, a copy must be made available by you to the group facilitator for their reference ensuring awareness of the responsibilities of hire. 

This document supersedes all previous documents relating to the terms and conditions of hire.  

Venue Capacities

Due to fire safety requirements, the maximum capacity of each venue is limited to the below. This is regardless of how many people can fit into each space. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure: 

  • Albany House = 50 people maximum  
  • Braeburn and Albany Beauty Room = 40 people maximum 
  • Gravenstein Room = 6 people maximum 
  • Fruit Growers Room = 80 people maximum 

As a result of these maximum capacities, it is important that you inform us of your expected maximum numbers for your hire. Please note: we may also have to cancel bookings made on the website if maximum expected numbers exceed our venue limits.  

Damage & Hazards Policy

Hirers must inform our Venues team immediately if any damage is spotted before their hire begins. If you don’t do this, it is likely that damage not previously noted in our register will be assigned to your group. The costs of any damage assigned to the Hirer will be added to your account and the ‘breach of conditions’ clause will be activated. If any damage does occur during your hire, please inform our venues team by email (if not major/urgent) or by phone if it requires immediate attention. Please also contact our venue team if you notice any problems or hazards within or immediately outside the facility such as doors not locking, plumbing or electrical problems, ceiling leaks etc.  

Bond Policy

  • For bookings where credit card details are entered through our booking system, no bond will be charged (except for hirer noted below) however we will retain the right to add any additional charges when your final payment is processed due to any breach of conditions. 
  • For bookings where no credit card details are provided, a bond can be charged, the amount of which will be determined by the type of hire involved. This bond will be refunded within 7 working days if no breach of conditions has occurred.  
  • Any events involving alcohol must provide credit card details. 
  • For bookings involving food/drinks and over 50 people, a bond of $250 (no alcohol involved) or $500 (alcohol involved) must be paid by the Hirer to HS’s nominated account which must be received by HS at least 3 working days before the event begins. This bond will then be refunded to your nominated bank account within 7 working days subject to no damage occurring or additional cleaning required.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is not allowed for private functions. An exception for limited alcohol however may be made for weddings, and for business functions and community events of a suitable nature across either venue. This is subject to the hirer meeting the conditions of hire in relation to alcohol. Details can be found in our Venue Hire Terms and Conditions.

Additional Services Charges 

Additional charges may be applied if your event involves alcohol; requires additional cleaning; and for weddings or other events requiring additional venue team liaison. This helps cover the cost of further extra liaison, heating, wear & tear etc.   

Cleaning and Rubbish Removal 

  • Hirers are responsible for cleaning any spaces you have used during your hire.  
  • Commercial cleaners must be used for the Fruit Growers when over 50 people + food are involved. 
  • Please hot mop wooden floors & vacuum all carpeted floors that you used during your hire and check that the toilets are in a reasonable, clean condition ready for the next user. Clean as required. Cleaning materials can be found in the cupboard in the Braeburn and Albany Beauty Room. 
  • Please advise the venue manager or coordinator if any damage, breakage or stains occur. 
  • Hirers using the kitchen must supply their own dishwashing materials and tea towels. 
  • Chairs and tables must be cleaned and returned to their original location. 
  • The cleaning of the venue is to be completed within the booked period as rooms may be booked back-to-back. 
  • Hirers must remove all rubbish and recycling from the venue after their hire. This includes removal from car park and adjacent grounds. 
  • The recycling and rubbish bins in the kitchen should only be used for very minimal rubbish, not from groups/events. 
  • Failure to remove rubbish or recycling, placing rubbish in public rubbish bins, or using pre-paid rubbish bags and leaving them at the side of the road for collection outside the venue, will result in a breach of your contract for hire. 


    The guest network is called “ACH-Guest”. The current password is “Guest@ACH”. Please limit your use to that required for your booking and not personal streaming.  


    • Please remember to consider the surrounding neighbours of this community facility on arrival, during your hire, and on departure.  
    • Music and other loud noise should not be able to be heard by neighbours in the homes. 
    • There should be no noise outside of the venue after 9pm.


    • Parking is limited to the carpark 
    • Please do not block the mobility access ramp at Albany House with bikes or other objects.

    HS Privacy Statement

    Breach of Conditions 

    Any breach of conditions will result in any or all of the below: 

    1. Immediate closure of the function/hire without refund 
    2. Extra charges being incurred, including the cost of any repairs and/or cleaning 
    3. Additional bonds being placed on you/your organisation for future hire 
    4. Loss of discounts or refusal to accept future bookings 
    5. Require venue cleaners to be used for future bookings 

    THANK YOU for helping our venue remain awesome for the next user!!! 

    NB: Emergency contact details are at the end of this document 

    Building Access

    There are two lockboxes located on site at Albany Community Hub. 

    The Venues Team will provide you with a code prior to your booking. 

    Please check with the office during the week before your booking if you have not received a code. 

    Please note that you are not permitted to access the building using your code or access card outside of your hire time and this is regularly checked by our venues team for security purposes.  

    Entering the Building 

    Card access reader 

    This is located beside the main door entry.  

    Using your Access Card: 

    Hold the access card in front of the card access reader. The red light will turn green and two beeps will be heard. If it doesn’t work during your hire time, see below for emergency contact details. Open the door. 

    Do not let others enter the building during your hire that are not part of another group hiring the facility unless the office is open.  

    Exiting the Building 

    You are responsible on exiting the building for physically ensuring that the whole facility is secure or, if another group is still in the building, you must let them know that they are now the last group there and are responsible for locking the building. 

    Before exiting, ensure: 

    • That all electrical appliances and stoves are switched off 
    • All lights and heating are turned off in the room you hired + the kitchen (and the whole building including bathrooms if you are the last person/group there). 
    • You have followed cleaning and rubbish removal instructions above. 
    • Ensure that there are no unauthorised persons are in venue.  

    To exit, simply touch the panel (pictured to the right), which is located inside the venue.  

    Please return all access cards to HS’s designated point within three working days of the end of the Hire Period (or in the case of a Regular Hirer, after the last booked Event during the Calendar Year)   

    In the event of a power cut… 

    Please contact our venues team immediately by phone (see below for contact details). The system will require a reset and will not work properly. If you cannot use the main doors, use the rear door for exiting but please do contact us and do not leave the facility unsecured. 

    Fire Evacuation Procedure 

    • Activate the nearest fire alarm (located at main doors) 
    • Get everyone out of the building (see building warden responsibilities below) 
    • Telephone the Fire Service – Dial 111 
    • Tell the fire service that your location is:  
    • Albany Community Hub, 575a Albany Highway, Albany, Auckland 
      • Ensure a Building Warden is in charge (see below for responsibilities) 
      • Exit the building promptly 
      • Do not run, do not linger in passageways or rooms 
      • Do not return until the all-clear is given 
        1. ASSEMBLE at the designated area:
        • In the carpark out the front of Albany Community Hub 

        On hearing the warning signal, the person(s) in charge of the group becomes the Building Warden(s) and is/are required to perform the duties below: 

        • Make sure the building is clear of all people, including offices, foyer, hallways, toilets, kitchen, and all rooms. 
        • Ensure all people in the building leave via the nearest exit and assemble at the nominated assembly point 
        • Ensure no people enter/re-enter the building 
        • Be able to account for all people attending your function 
        • Advise the Fire Service on their arrival, of the evacuation status including the location of any persons with disabilities. 
        • Use the emergency contact phone number below 

        Emergency Venue Contact Details 

        The below numbers are active 24-7.    

        For Venue Hire Access issues, please only contact the team at Auckland Council on 09 301 0101  

        For Emergencies, please contact Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 first.   

        If unsuccessful, please call the number below.  

        Our office hours are Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm   

        Email: info@albanycommunityhub.co.nz   

        Phone: 09 415 4615 (this redirects to a mobile so will be active after hours) 


        General Inquiries & Venue Bookings

        Our office may not be physically open at all times.  The hub has many groups that use their facility on a regular basis.

        Please pop in or contact us to find out more information.

        PHONE: 09 415 4615

        Braeburn and Albany Beauty Room

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